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  • Ernest Ogunleye

UN Global Tourism Resilience Day

February 17, 2024

How big is your tourist carbon footprint? Are you a ecotourist?

Ecotourism and Protected areas

According to the United Nation World Tourism Organization's definition, ecotourism refers to forms of tourism which have the following characteristics:

  1. All nature-based forms of tourism in which the main motivation of the tourists is the observation and appreciation of nature as well as the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas.

  2. It contains educational and interpretation features.

  3. It is generally, but not exclusively organised by specialised tour operators for small groups. Service provider partners at the destinations tend to be small, locally owned businesses.

  4. It minimises negative impacts upon the natural and socio-cultural environment.

  5. It supports the maintenance of natural areas which are used as ecotourism attractions by:

  • Generating economic benefits for host communities, organisations and authorities managing natural areas with conservation purposes;

  • Providing alternative employment and income opportunities for local communities;

  • Increasing awareness towards the conservation of natural and cultural assets, both among locals and tourists.

For more information on the UN Global Tourism Resilience Day, please follow the link below.

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